Angry Birds Costumes Take Wing

The Angry Birds swooped into the gaming scene over a year ago, and since then the game has been an icon of the domination of mobile gaming platforms. And as we see with every successful game franchise, it’s not long before people are making cosplays of the characters.

Angry Birds 8

These Angry Birds costumes by Lindsey Grenet remind me of the M&M costumes I saw as a kid, which makes sense – because all the characters in the game are either birds or pigs, there’s a very limited degree of anthropomorphism that can be conveyed.

Angry Birds 3

What I like the most about these three costumes is that they look incredibly comfortable, like wearing a pillow around your body. You could probably even have an agreeable nap on the ground using your costume as a pillow!

Angry Birds 1

The basic red bird is probably the best-known one – and if you’ve never had the joy of playing Angry Birds, he’s probably the only one you’ll recognize, as he tends to feature in a lot of promotional artwork. As a character he doesn’t often do exciting things, but simplicity can be just as nice as fancy abilities.

Angry Birds 2

The perennial favourite is the bomb bird, and – as this funny Angry Birds infographic puts it – using him is “like hunting bunny rabbits using a hydrogen bomb”.

Angry Birds 5

Of course, as convenient as the black bird happens to be, its explosions can tend to make levels too easy, as you can just fling him in the middle of things and watch everything collapse.

Angry Birds 7

I personally prefer the yellow bird as he makes me feel like I’m actually putting thought into my moves rather than flinging birds willy-nilly.

Angry Birds 4

Unfortunately, the one real downside to this costume is that his triangular shape makes you look like a very heavy-bottomed individual – something that needs to be acknowledged if you’re considering such a costume for a convention.

Angry Birds 6

With convention season just around the corner, making your own fantastic Angry Birds costume would be a great way to attract attention among the traditional cosplay crowd. If you’re not quite ready for that jump, check out this collection of 55 Angry Birds-related crafts.