Huggable Harry Potter Character Pillows

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep with one of the “Harry Potter” main characters, then you can in a non-creepy, totally platonic way with these pillows.

Harry Potter Pillow

These adorable and cuddly little inventions are created by wdkimmy for the Geek Fest of Montreal. There are currently only three versions: Girl Wizard, Wizard and Harry Potter. It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to see that the Girl Wizard is most likely Hermione and the regular Wizard is probably Ron. Of course Harry Potter is the most recognizable of all of them with his standard issue glasses, lightning scar and of course his Griffyndor House scarf. The Wizard has the red hair and freckles of Ron and the girl is a bit harder, but since she’s wearing the same scarf and has brown hair, it seems pretty natural for it to be Hermione.

Girl Wizard Pillow

The pillows appear to be around 2 feet x 2 feet judging on the photos and each are handmade. The pillows can be purchased on wdkimmy’s etsy website and cost $40. Since each are handmade, they might all look slightly different. What would make these pillows better is if they could be customized. Instead of three to choose from, it’d be great if you could also get a Draco, Snape or Hagrid. Hey why not go all out and get a Voldemort pillow?

Boy Wizard Pillow

Sure the pillows are simply and who knows how comfortable they are, but it’s a great excuse to get new ones and to satisfy the inner “Harry Potter” fan that we all have inside us. The options may be limited, but it might be worth it to contact the designer and see if she can’t create different characters. If you’re crafty, the design seems simple enough that you might be able to create some patterns of your own.

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Via: Geek Crafts and DeviantArt