The Gingerbread Burrow: Home of the Red-Haired Weasleys

The Burrow is one of the most distinctive settings in Harry Potter, besides the castle of Hogwarts itself. Because it’s such a unique place, it’s instantly recognizable as something from the Harry Potter universe – or more specifically, the Weasley’s family home.

Gingerbread Burrow

While it’s no longer Christmas season, a gingerbread construction such as this is welcome at any time of the year; it resembles an architectural model far more than it invokes the feeling of a Bavarian Christmas cottage. Maybe it’s simply the lack of white icing and gumdrop decorations that gives it a more refined look – whenever icing is used, it’s coloured neutral brown, which creates an interesting texture rather than the look of snow. After all, The Burrow is already a pretty charming and cottage-like residence.

Gingerbread Burrow 2

The artist, mezcraft, mentions that her favourite part of the house is the clothesline of monogrammed Weasley sweaters, as it reflects on how Molly Weasley – the matriarch of the Weasley clan – is quite a craftster herself. I think the individual cookies are also cute, but I prefer the architectural details that make the piece shine, like the shingles made out of icing-sprayed Shreddies.

Gingerbread Burrow 3

Personally, I’m impressed with how this entire thing manages to stand up without toppling over. The original Burrow is held up by stilts, planks, and a generous helping of magic, but this gingerbread model must contend with the forces of gravity to stay upright. To help with that, mezcraft used cinnamon sticks as supports, especially to spread some of the weight from the top overhanging floor onto the first floor. Overall, this house is quite an architectural wonder!

Gingerbread Burrow 4

I can’t even imagine how much patience must have gone into creating something like this; gingerbread is not the easiest medium to work with, as the icing holding it together takes a bit of forever to actually dry. I make a gingerbread house every year – the kind that comes in a kit – and it never manages to actually stand upright; the best I can do it get it to slump or lean in one direction.

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Via: Neatorama