Retro Renewed: Stealth Arcade Cocktail Table

Unless you’re of a certain age (read: old) table top video games may seem a little bizarre. The very idea of a video game embedded into a table and played sitting down was a revolutionary idea back in the day when everyother game was in a cabinet you stood in front of.

Now, with home systems and portables dominating the market, it just looks like a weird evolutionary offshoot that didn’t take. Nevertheless, table top games did exist, and they were awesome. Dignified electronic gentlemen in a room full of yelling electronic kids, it’s no wonder that they ended up alsorans in the great video game race, remembered only by a precious few who missed being able to play 1942 and enjoy a beverage at the same time.

Arcade Tables remembers them, and they have brought the table top video game back, better than it’s ever been. Their modern version is a beauty to behold. With its super sleek design, big, color screen and classic joystick/button set-up, it’s enough to drive old-school gamers of taste into fits of nostalgic reverie. Go ahead and get excited. The top is made of tempered glass and it’s guaranteed spill-proof.

Best of all, the Arcade Table comes pre-loaded with 60 classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and even Dig Dug! Set one of these glorious machines up in your game room and see if you don’t forget all about your Wiis, Playstations, Xboxes and everything else in your life. At $2980, it’s strictly for devoted retro-gamers, but you could always charge the neighborhood kids a quarter a game and in the process teach them how wasting your life on a video game used to be a lot more civilized. It’s a win win!