Have Giant Robot Ostrich, Will Travel

A research team from Russia proudly unveils a giant robot ostrich that can walk, and give you one fun ride, too!

The team behind this nifty new machine is Konstantin Ivanov, composed of a handful of Russian engineers and technicians. Their robot ostrich was designed with mostly wood and on a budget of only $1,500. The finished robot weighs 180 kilos. What’s special about the robot ostrich is that it can balance on one leg during every stride, thanks to an internal mechanism that helps shift the body’s weight on one leg as the other leg is being lifted. It also features a saddle that is fit for one person to sit on.

Robot Ostrich

From the teams’ YouTube channel, they showcase the robot ostrich’s debut on a Russian TV show, with a mannequin riding atop it. Konstantin Ivanov proudly claims that their invention is currently the largest and most powerful “full-step” biped robot in the world. They say that they have exceeded the abilities of Japan’s ASIMO, the very first biped “full-step” robot ever made.

For now, Konstantin Ivanov aims to improve and to develop on their design. They are hoping to increase the top speed of the robot ostrich, allowing riders to travel for up to 40 miles per hour. Sources report that the fastest land speed of a robot was set by the robot cheetah built by Boston Dynamics, and it ran at almost 30 miles per hour.

Pretty soon we can hope to get a ride on these giant robo-birds, or even see them on our favorite movies or TV shows. If these cool rides go Hollywood, they can be the closest thing we have to a Star Wars AT-AT, or they can give Jurassic Park’s velociraptors a run for their money.

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Via Treehugger