Heat up your pool for free thanks to solar power

Summer is just starting in the northern hemisphere, but once temperatures start going down again, you’ll need a little extra to keep swimming pools functional, and this might just be it.

Therma Spring Solar Mat

Swimming is one of the most well-balanced activities and really fun whether you need to get your working out on or just enjoy chilling in the water. Regardless of the virtues of the activity itself, it can get pretty hard to find the motivation to jump in during the coldest days of the year. And, because a pool heater is sort of out of the question if you’d rather spend your money in both practical and impractical gadgets, here’s a solution for you. This is the $38.95 Therma Spring Solar Mats.

The Therma Spring Solar Mats work without being connected to any outlets nor pumps. Just by putting them on your pool, they will capture solar energy and use it to raise the pool temperature, while becoming sort of an insulating blanket during the night, helping the heat remain there. This works irregardless of the shape of your pool, but is at it’s best when it covers at least 70% of its surface.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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