Limited Edition Frozen PS4 Launching July 16 to Japan

It might be the heart of summer, but a cold spell in the form of this limited edition PlayStation 4 console is heading soon to Japan.

Frozen PS4 Japan image 1

Let it go? Oh, no, no, no. Apparently people won’t “Let It Go” as the popular, often played to death tune from Disney’s animated musical of 2013 Frozen describes.

Especially in Japan, where Sony will soon be releasing a limited edition PlayStation 4 system that features a Frozen-themed portrait of the movie’s leading sisters, Elsa and Ana, engraved across the front of the console.

Frozen PS4 Japan image 2

It’s a pretty classy etching – gold on black is a solid pairing, of course – but one to only be admired by Japanese shoppers when it goes on sale this July 16 for 42,980 yen (about $424 USD). While I don’t have official word, I’m pretty sure this PS4 isn’t arriving stateside.

Hmm, I guess it was either getting this, or the white PS4 that comes with the PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle that ships later this fall. And if that bit of news makes you sadder than a snow queen living in a frigid, icy castle, well… then do I have a song for you!

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