Hello Kitty Dalek Art

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a “Doctor Who” fan or a Hello Kitty fan, this mashup of the two will get you wondering why you you haven’t heard of or like either.

Hello Dalek

This Hello Kitty Dalek mashup comes courtesy of user yodaflicker (Joseph Senior) and is part of the Hello Kitty Pop Culture series. For those unfamiliar with the “Doctor Who” series, the Daleks are a race of murderous mutants that utilize robot armor in order to destroy everything that is non-Dalek. The standard appearance of the mech suit appears almost exactly as the image above. The plunger can be used to suck out information or kill opponents, the right object is the death ray and the Daleks see via the optical lens sticking out of its forehead.

What makes this mashup amazing is the combination of two very dissimilar pop icons. The Daleks are a race that destroys everything in site, the Hello Kitty franchise is based on cuteness, cuddliness and overall friendliness. While the design keeps the original image of the Daleks, the pink paint job, light-up blue kitty ears, flower design on the chest and iconic Hello Kitty bow with the “Doctor Who” logo makes these kill-machines a lot less threatening.

Though the idea and design certainly will bring a smile to a lot of fans of either icon, it would be interesting to see the mashup taken a different way. Rather than transforming the Dalek into Kitty, why not the other way around. Kitty could have the hands replaced with the plunger and death ray with the bow transformed into the eyestalk and the lower part of Kitty containing the Dalek bumps.

It would be great to see this design become an actual product (maybe even an actual salt and pepper shaker) to satisfy the fans out there. Not only does it bring together two wildly different pop icons, it creates something interesting and new.

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Via: Flickr