Time Machine Clock: Transport to the Future in the Nick of Time

Look, what a fellow ‘Back to the Future’ fan has come up with. Dan Henriksson, a Swedish student of HDK Design School has come up with what he calls, a Time Machine Clock- a prototype that he designed to submit as part of his project work for graduation. It is quite a masterpiece and has brought this young man many admiring reviews. Being a designer concept and not one that dabbles with physics, the clock does not actually allow you to travel through time. In fact, it is a visual treat to the user and displays his or her unique ‘own sense of time’.

Though the Time Machine clock is just a singular working model at the moment, the specifications on it are anticipated to be pretty much the same during its launch. It is essentially a clock, but does not actually display the ‘correct’ time. Instead, its mechanism works by sliding around the various panels on the Machine to the right or left. The user can adjust and create a unique and elastic time in the place of the actual one. The simple idea behind such a Time Machine is to give the user the pleasure of being able to indulge in some ‘time-play’. But to do so, the user will have to know the 24-hour timing, since the Machine works on that fundamental.

Are you still curious to learn how will you experience this kind of ‘time-play’? Well it is rather a creative but practical way of time management. The Time Machine Clock allows the user to set the pace of his day. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, when one is working towards a hard deadline, time seems to fly while work seems to hardly get done. On the other hand, while bored and jaded, the hands of the clock seem to just manage to snail by. Through the Time Machine, you can accelerate the seconds or slow it down to manage the pace of your day, while not tampering with the basic 24-hour cycle.

Pretty impressive isn’t it? Not just the idea, but the exterior of the clock is extremely sleek and a treat to look at. The trivia on this one is that not only are the engravings beautiful, but they serve a practical purpose too. The ‘eye’ at the top is actually a sensor that grasps the tempo in the clock’s environment to speed up or slow down the clock itself! Aren’t you just as excited as we are, for this one to become available? I have already crossed my fingers!

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Via: Behance