Doctor Who Goes Russian in Nesting Doll Form

DIY or Do It Yourself is a fun way to spend your holidays. If it has something to do with creating a character like Dr Who, you are bound to get excited.

In fact it is not so much as creating.  It would be better referred to as recreating. The world has seen eleven generations of Dr Who and each one was as exciting as the previous one. Molly Lewis has taken the effort to bring together all eleven generations of the amazing character in one single pack. What is even more surprising is that all the eleven generations are housed in one TARDIS and the size of TARDIS remains the same.

This is the magical TARDIS. Well, not so much. We have all grown up playing with a nesting doll set in one form or the other. This is exactly how this Dr Who set works. Lewis has bought a set of twelve nesting dolls and brought to life the world of all Dr Whos, from the first to the latest. She has painted the outermost one as TARDIS and all the dolls inside are the Doctor. The largest one is the latest one played by Matt Smith while the smallest is the first that was played by William Hartnell. Irrespective of the size, the dolls have been painted to perfection with each one carrying its own distinct individuality. If you have been a regular audience of the series you cannot fail to recognize them in the first instance.

This set of Dr Who nesting doll set has been created as a DIY project. All that the maker had to do was get a blank set of dolls and fill in colors. Sounds simple but the effort put in to it is worth appreciating. And it is this fact that increases its value to a great extent. Getting a store bought piece is an easy job but to create one all by oneself is the best that one can do. To gift such a piece makes the gift invaluable.

Dr Who is just an example of what you can go on to create with a similar set of doll set. Imagine creating a whole set of your favorite super heroes. Or you could create the entire Justice League team. Create a whole set of Disney characters and gift it to a young one and see the gleam on his/her face. That would be priceless.

This holiday season get down to creating your own gift sets and get ready for accolades from all quarters.

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Via: Slash Gear