17 Furniture Pieces that Transform in an Ultimately Geeky Way

Cars are not the only thing that can transform. As the world is getting more and more crowded, we have less and less space for our homes, thus there is a need for innovative furniture that can transform to serves various purposes. These 17 wonderful pieces of transforming furniture below will not only save you a lot of space, but also add a sense of innovation to your house or apartment.

Sofa and Pool Table


Don’t let the lumpish appearance of this late 1970’s sofa fool you. Sitting  quietly as an innocent sofa by day, it transforms into a full pool table by night when you want to practice some pooling skills.

Transformer Chair


Via: Yanko Design

With the same utilitarian notion built into those famous Transformers, you can simply rearrange the pieces of seating design into a chair, a three person sofa, or a chaise lounger. Conceived by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein, the three-in-one seating concept is not only useful but also stunning too.

Mogga Transformer Chair


Via: Tree Hugger

Inspired by old breadboxes, the Mogga transformer chair design from the Icelandic designer Olafur Omarsson can slide in grooves on the frame to act as a seat in one position, a table in another.

Calypso Chair Table-and-Couch



Via: Dor Nob

The Calypso Chair table-and-couch is not just another two in one piece of furniture. In fact, this Lego inspired design can be set in all kinds of creative configurations to serve a variety of functional purposes.

Convertible Compact Desk


Via: Unplggd

Designed to save your precious space, the Convertible Compact Desk converts from a 30″ cabinet into a 55″ desk.

2 Chairs + 1 Table


Via: S Design Unit

With a design that somehow reminds us of the Tetris bricks we all know and love, this 2 + 1 furniture design can be assembled and disassembled to serve different purposes: a set of two chairs and one table, a sofa or a single bed.

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed


Via: Bon Bon

Doc sofa bunk bed is an aesthetic sofa that can be converted with one simple movement into two comfortable bunk beds with wooden slatted base. All covers are fully removable and washable.

Flou’s Book Sofa & Bed


Via: Tree Hugger

The Book sofa & bed from the Italian designers at Flou crosses the line between day and night usage. During the day, it is an elegant linear sofa while at night, it emerges into a comfortable double-size bed with a slatted mattress support.

DoubleSpace Kitchenette


Via: Inventor Spot

Catering to people living in big cities with limited space, DoubleSpace Kitchenette is a chair that converts easily into a countertop with two electric burners. The concept is really logical also, as nobody sits and cooks at the same time.

Italian Designed Space Saving Furniture

Italy proves to design more than just expensive clothes. Resource Furniture, an Italian company, has introduced an amazing set of transforming furniture that could make your home or office space a lot more useful and enjoyable.

Casulo Transforming Furniture

Via: Mein-Casulo

According to the producer’s website, “Casulo is a complete set of room furniture which can be set up in less than ten minutes and later disassembled and repacked like a standard Euro pallet of 80 cm by 120 cm (31.5 inch by 47.2 inch)”. You have to see it to believe it!

Kenchikukagu Apartment Furniture


Via: Tree Hugger

Called Architectural Furniture, Kenchikukagu concept by Toshihiko Suzuki is a design that can fold your whole apartment into boxes. There is a kitchen, an office and a bedroom, all fold out of these lovely cabinets.

Cube Style


Via: Neatorama

Another “furniture in a box” design from Japan, Cube Style opens up to reveal a standard wooden coffee table accompanied by two stylish chairs.

Golf Stacking Chair Set


Via: Furniture Stocks

With elegant design, Golf Stacking Chair Set is an innovative furniture set consists of two comfortable chairs and a table which is able to stack for easy storage.

Trunk Station Office


Via: Unplggd

The Trunk Station from Japan is a wonderful “office in a box” solution to replace those identical and stuffy cubicles we can find in almost every office nowadays. The trunk opens to reveal an efficient work space, complete with pre-drilled holes for electrical and component wires/cables together with a bunch of other useful stuff.

CI Desk


Via: Creative Industrial Objects

In its handy size and elegant shape, CI Desk is a multi-functional home office on wheels that provides mobility and a practical working space for any busy individual. It can unfold into a small workstation for laptop users, and comes with inbuilt wooden drawers that open to the front and sides.



Via: Inhabitat

Anyone who has ever found himself in an awkward situation where he has to share his chair with another person will immediately get the idea behind this design. Called Schair, the design by Pratt student Charlotte Kreitmann can easily be divided into two lovely half-chairs.