7 Essential Organization Tips for Not-So-Tidy Geeks

Spring is here and it’s time to get cleaning!

For the geeks and nerds who sit at their computer and play too much with their gadgets, we know that your home isn’t the tidiest. Well, it’s that time of year where peer cultural pressure forces you to get off your behind and start organizing. Check out these essential tips to getting your home organized.

Keep Sheets Together in the Closet

You know those things that go on your bed and you’re supposed to change at least every week (or at least after some action, solo or otherwise)? Well, the bed sheets should be folded so that way you actually know where they are and that they’re clean (and impress any potential girl that may come over). source

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

But before putting them away, you’ll need to fold the sheets. Check out this quick guide on how to fold a fitted sheet (that’s the one that goes on the bottom). source

Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

Since the holiday season is now definitely over, store the rolls of wrapping paper that are leftover in a manner that won’t get in the way. source

Organized Sink

One of the most disorganized locations in the house is underneath your kitchen sink. Get organized simply and be able to find the necessary cleaning supplies quickly. source

Cord Organization

One thing we geeks have a lot of no matter what is an abundance of cords. But if you’re low on dough because you spent all of your cash on buying the gadgets that those cords belong to, check out this cool idea to organize your cords. source

Label Cord Organizer #2

With all of those cords, who knows which goes where? This cool organization trick will make sure all of your cords are identified. source

Flip-Flops Storage

The best shoes for any geek are a pair of cheap, easy to wear flip-flops. But just how do you keep the dog from chewing them up? This organization trick will help you figure that out. source