Hand Painted Sonic the Hedgehog Sneakers Are Super Sonic

Show your admiration for a certain blue speedster from Sega, with these awesome sneakers.

Sonic Shoes Image 1

Three-hundred and fifty dollars sure is a costly sum to ask for a pair of sneakers. Great googly moogly, you could get a Nintendo 3DS and a couple of games with that amount of moola, bread, what have you…. Though, it’s like they say (“they” being old people), you get what you pay for. And what you’re getting here, is a fantastic foot-wearing tribute to a video game legend.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s precocious, blue speed-demon, his twin-tailed sidekick, Tails, and that dastardly, mad-scientist, Dr. Robotnik (Eggman in Japan), have all been wonderfully represented in Reddit user LumpyHeadedBunny’s custom Sonic the Hedgehog Vans, which took an estimated 45-to-60 hours for each pair to complete. And truly, the long hours show; they are BEA-U-TI-FUL.

Sonic Shoes Image 2

The sneakers even feature all the typical Sonic hallmarks we’ve come to love: blue skies, green hills, and gold rings. Hey, there’s even a shiny green emerald on the front with two familiar sets of hands reaching for it – a pretty sweet touch. It is kind of sucks that they’re not running shoes – you know, being Sonic and all – but that’s just a lame, nitpick-y thing. Pretend I said nothing.

Getting back to that price though. $350 might be a lot to swallow, but let me remind you that these Sonic sneakers are one-hundred percent custom-painted. Meaning, they’re made with lots of love and I doubt you finding anyone else wearing these sweet babies. Make sure to head over to LumbyHeadedBunny’s Facebook page to get the details on how you can grab a pair for yourself.

OMG, ya’ll! If you ‘Like’ their Facebook page, you’ll also be entered to win a pair! So what are you waiting for? Speed over there right now!

Sonic Shoes Image 3

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