20 Illustrations Of Screaming Superheroes

Even superheroes can lose their cool, and yell into the depths of the night. They have more reason than anyone to be angry, no one ever thanks them! This is the work of graphical designer Roberto Salvador, who called the collection “Screaming Heroes”. In it, he depicts some of the most well known characters of all time, well, creaming and yelling. Again, not like they don’t have a reason to.

The collection has 20 images, all of male heroes in pure frustration (maybe because the female heroes are elsewhere?). Enjoy them by scrolling below.
Screaming Batman

Screaming Captain America

Screaming Green Lantern

Screaming Superman

Screaming Havok

Screaming Flash

Screaming Juggernaut

Screaming Mario

Screaming He-man

Screaming WolverineScreaming Lion-o

Screaming Hellboy

Screaming Punisher

Screaming Robocop

Screaming Pirate

Screaming Pliskin

Screaming Kaneda


Screaming Han Solo

Thanks to the Downgraf team for the lead! Check out some other interpretations of superhero art at Don’t Leave The House Without This! Superhero Essentials and If Marvel Superheroes Were Cats.