Homemade Reproduction of Iron Man’s Laser Gauntlet

The Iron Man franchise certainly has a lot of fans out there, but some of them stand and watch the movie, while others get down to business and create amazingly accurate replicas of parts of the suit, such as the following laser gauntlet.

Patrick Priebe is the German cyber weapons hobbyist who brought Iron Man’s laser gauntlet to life. I am rather sure that he does not have the financial resources of such superheroes as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, and yet, he has managed to create something Iron Man himself would be proud of wearing. This shows that creativity is sometimes much more important than money.

A spring/lever system is used for adjusting the aluminum-bodied gauntlet on the forearm of the wearer. Upon doing so, an LED display lights up to inform the wearer that the gauntlet is positioned correctly. Of course, the LED display also plays an important role in the overal aesthetics of the device. After all, the real Iron Man is glowing from all of his… body parts.

The palm-mounted control module includes a button that activates a servo. Next, the rig found at the top of the gauntlet rises up, revealing two red lasers and a blue one. Keep in mind, though, that the red lasers are only used for targeting, while the blue one, found in-between them, is the actual gun.

Now don’t think of lasers capable of cutting through steel or cars, cause this is nothing close to that. In fact, the blue laser employed in this homemade reproduction of Iron Man’s laser gauntlet is only capable of popping balloons, as seen in the following video.

There is a very good reason behind the choice of color, even though the real Iron Man uses a red laser beam. According to the developer of the gauntlet, the blue laser is not only stronger, but also easier to see, making it even more impressive. Building the gauntlet took Patrick Priebe 120 hours (that’s 5 days, if you add them up), so he must be an expert at this, since he moves so fast. Others would’ve spent weeks or months to create something as impressive and as accurate as this replica.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYUCl-xCYaw&w=600&h=338]

I don’t see why anyone would ever want to thumb down this video, but believe it or not, there are 41 (at press time) such people out there.

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