Homemade R2-D2 Smoker is Out of This World

In the Star Wars movies, R2-D2 was capable of doing just about anything, from hacking doors to repairing hyperdrives. And if that weren’t enough, now he can make you an incredible rack of ribs.

Philip Wise is not only the webmaster of popular websites TheForce.net and RebelScum.com, but owner of one of the largest private collections of Star Wars memorabilia. If he’s like many other Texans, Mr. Wise also enjoys a good barbecue. With these two things in mind, it would be only natural to combine the two interests, which is what this R2-D2 smoker does in spectacular fashion.

R2-D2 Smoker BBQ 1

R2-D2 Smoker BBQ 2

R2-D2 Smoker BBQ 3

As you can see in the pictures, it’s not an exact match for R2-D2, but it’s still a beautiful and practical presentation, and there’s no mistaking the character the smoker represents. The smoker’s body is constructed from a 55-gallon drum, and the rounded lid on top is what really makes the resemblance come together, as it’s R2-D2’s dome which could best be considered the droid’s “face”. The body is white, and decorated with blue and gray to further bring the character and its color scheme into the design. In the movies, the little astromech droid is capable of an astonishing number of things and ends up coming across as an intelligent, mobile Swiss Army knife. This wasn’t lost on the Star Wars super-fan, as he gave his R2-D2 barbecue some useful gadgets. Two probe thermometers are mounted on the outside, the probes extending inward to allow the user to check the temperature of the meat inside without having to open the lid. Off to the other side is a bottle opener, because beer and barbecue go together like R2-D2 and C-3P0. Lastly, in the center is what appears to be a gauge, but without a good close-up shot, it’s difficult to tell what it’s gauging. For an equally-awesome, if less glamorous project, there’s this R2-D2 Trash Can, but if you want something delicious, you can’t top this beautifully-crafted R2-D2 Cake.

Via: Technabob, R2D2Central