R2-D2 Cake Sends Delicious Message To Groom

R2-D2 has never been so delicious. Sure he’s been helpful and gotten the Star Wars gang out of many a galactic jam, but this R2 replica cake helped one groom’s sweet tooth in oh-so-many ways.

Getting a separate cake for just the groom has become somewhat of a wedding tradition. This R2-D2 cake not only represents a bride’s love, but the love of someone a Star Wars nerd won’t ever want to let go.


Standing over two feet tall, 26 inches to be exact, this R2-D2 cake would not make it through a stormtrooper check point. The cake was created by Texas based Uncommon Cakery. With other detailed cakes, like a Tire Cake, Tea Party Cupcakes, and a Dallas Cowboys Football Field, the Uncommon Cakery took this groom’s cake as a challenge to prove that they are truly awesome.


Made from scratch, The Uncommon Cakery prides itself in not using box mix to create their cakes. If the cake tastes half as good as it looks, they have proven that from-scratch cakes are definitely worth the cash.


It would be easy to create an R2-D2 cake that is messy, using frosting to add detail, but when tackling a Star Wars related cake, one cannot just do the minimum. The details on this cake droid are created from fondant, meaning everything you see is edible, besides the bow tie.

After you get past the idea that this is actually a cake, the question becomes, is this what R2 would really wear to a wedding? While helpful, there’s no proof that he could tie that bow tie. Did they even have bow ties a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Questions aside, The Uncommon Cakery outdid themselves with this cake and made on groom very happy.


Sadly, there are no rocket boosters here, as featured in the more recent additions to the saga. The only thing missing from this cake is a life-size Chewbacca pastry and a Han Solo frozen in carbonite chocolate bar.

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Via: The Uncommon Cakery