Hovercraft Golf Cart Jazzes Up the Course

Bubba Watson and Oakley are professional golfers who know what it is like to play golf for a long time and be stuck with a really boring golf cart.


They decided to go ahead and build a hovercraft in place of a regular golf cart. The hovercraft golf cart can slide through golf lawns, water hazards, sand traps and even rough surfaces. This versatility makes the vehicle a real hovercraft and probably the first golf cart that doubles up as a hovercraft.

Golf courses are usually known for being very elite and chic and they are also very well maintained. With that in mind, this hovercraft must be a really nice vehicle as it does not damage grass and does its job well and ensures that you look like a superstar. It does not crush the grass with tires but instead floats over the grass, causing minimal damage. Using a golf cart like this can ensure that you will attract a lot of attention from people and you will be able to sign business deals with other golf club members who might be present there.

Certainly, a golf cart like this makes for an excellent conversational topic and there would be an unending stream of high profile golf club members who would want to talk to you. This is one of the reasons why I expect this hovercraft golf cart to become famous and be manufactured in a mass production facility sometime soon.

It is not clear how much it costs or where one can get it. If it is mass produced, you will certainly hear or see it at a golf course that you visit often. You might also want to go ahead and take a look at the 19 Golf Cart Mods that we had listed sometime ago. The Weed Whacking Golf Driver is an excellent addition to this list.