How To Make Your Own Lightsaber (Infographic)

A DIY guide for building your own lightsaber is probably among the most sought after things, if you’re a geek. Don’t despair, though, as your dream has just come true!

Due to this infographic guide being quite long, I decided to cut it into shorter pieces. Should you wish to admire it in its entirety (and why not, even have it printed that way), you can find the infographic on

Before proceeding to making your own lightsaber, you have to learn what tools you need later in the process. A PVC cutter, hack-saw, drill and soldering iron should suffice, but some additional sand paper and pliers would make the work easier. After all, most of us are Padawans, and only Jedi Masters could assemble a lightsaber quickly, even blindfolded.

Check out the materials listed below and make sure you have all of them before proceeding with building the lightsaber. The author of this infographic make things a lot easier for us when he split the components depending on the part of the lightsaber they pertain to. Who would have thought that a lightsaber could be done with a translucent polycarbonate tube through which the Force glows? And all this time we thought they have laser blades…

The instructions for putting it together are very detailed and refer to both the hilt and the blade.

The next part includes a section wittily called Imbibing Your Lightsaber with the Force. I’m sorry to deceive you, but in this guide, the Force refers to the electric energy, so basically imbibing the lightsaber with the force simply means putting the electronic components together. As much as we wish the lightsaber’s blade were made out of laser, this version of the weapon is not that futuristic.

Still, that’s not to say that the DIY lightsaber that results after following this infographic isn’t spectacular. I would go as far as to call this one of the best lightsabers made on Earth, probably second only to the one developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard. Don’t get me wrong, but that one uses photons and vacuum chambers to create an even more realistic lightsaber.

Even though this is part of a marketing campaign put together by Farnell, the initiative is worth some applause. And yes, if you live in the UK, you can find most of the components needed for this lightsaber on their website.

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