Chüne Adjusts Your Party’s Playlist to the Attendants’ Tastes

We have all attended at least once in our lifetime a party that had music not so much to our liking. Devices such as Chüne, which can add a social dimension to any party’s playlist, would have been a lifesaver in those situations.

Since my taste in music is very different from the one of most people I know, attending social events that imply music being played causes some sort of unease. Besides that, I don’t enjoy at all the music that my neighbors are playing and not even the songs that many of my acquaintances like. I’ve been called intolerant from this point of view, but I really think that each person is entitled to considering a particular music genre superior to others. Such expressions as good taste or bad taste wouldn’t have sense otherwise, now would they? After this very long introduction, I think you deserve to know what this post is about. Well, Chüne is a social music service that adjusts the playlist at your party depending on who’s attending it.

Someone’s presence at a party where the Chüne music box is in control is not sufficient for determining certain songs to be played. This little device will also take the pulse of your party and adjust its playlist accordingly.

Upon bringing Chüne to a party, the attendants need to install the companion app on their smartphones. After launching the app, people have the option of dragging their music taste to the logo placed in the center of the screen. Furthermore, they can provide details (in terms of artists and songs, I assume), to make the adjustment even finer. Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and NFC, the music box interacts with your smartphone, so that your personal playlist gets added to the mix. Considering that at its core, the Chüne music box has a Raspberry Pi, the entire project is more than impressive.

The ones playing Miley Cirrus or Justin Bieber at a party shouldn’t worry about someone intending to switch the playlist to The Ocean and Opeth. Fortunately for them, Chüne comes with vibe control, which means that once the mood of the party has been established, the music box will maintain it at that particular level by making sure that there aren’t major discrepancies between songs.

Of course, there’s always the option of throwing a party exclusively with people who have similar tastes.

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