Watchmen’s Roscharch Toaster: You’re Trapped in The Kitchen With It

Toasts are delicious, but wouldn’t they just taste better with a couple psychological complexes here and there? See your darkest fears represented on a toast.

Rorscharch Toaster

First of all, we want everyone of you to know you can actually buy this thing. Second, just so you know, this is exactly what you think it is: a Watchmen toaster that imprints Rorshach’s mask logo on your breakfast and snacks. It won’t punch nor break bones of criminals, but I’ve never heard of any toaster that did that, anyways.

We want to thank the Geeks Are Sexy team for this incredible find. You rule, guys! Also, read more stories at Rise Again: NES Toaster Switches Gaming For Toast and Domo Toaster Creates The Cutest Looking Toast Ever.