How To Save A Wet Phone Or Tablet

We’ve all had our close calls or straight up terrible moments thanks to the unfortunate combination of liquids and gadgets, but here’s a few ideas on how to save them. Never mind the old tales like “sunlight” or “rice”, as they don’t work. This is just the real deal.


This handy step-by-step guide emerged at CNET, and details how to (maybe, hopefully) save your phone from the hazards of water and other liquids before you just give up and assume all is lot. Without any further introduction, this is what you should do:

Step 1. Turn off your phone. This needs to be done right away, before anything else happens, even drying with a towel or shirt, to cut the power before any water has a chance to hit the circuitry and short circuit it.

Step 2. Gadgets should be dried using a lint-free towel, with special attention to ports, speakers, and microphones. Disassemble any parts — like the SIM card and battery — and dry those too.

Step 3. Put everything (still disassembled) in a zip-top storage bag along with some silica gel packets (you should go and get some right away). They are extremely efficient at absorbing moisture, and can bout both online and at stores.

Step 4. Wait 72 hours. Use older phones or (gasp!) a PC in the meanwhile if you just GOT to check Twitter.

Step 5. Power your phone back on. Your phone should hopefully now be back in business. Good luck!

Some final notes, though, step one is the most important: you have to be quick, because you can dry a phone but not undo a short-circuit. Act fast.

Second, whether or not you manage to save your phone, your warranty will be void, as there’s an indicator that changes color when its hit by water (on the iPhone 5s, for example, it’s right by the SIM card).

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