HP SlateBook 14 Brings Together Android and Laptops

Hewlett Packard is considering that young people who already own an Android smartphone or tablet might also need a laptop running the very same mobile operating system, so it proceeded to developing one.

SlateBook 14 was created on the principle that youngsters are already familiar with Android, so they should stick to this OS on all of their other devices. Google’s Chrome OS is already present in Chromebooks, so if you’re going for simplicity, why not pick one of those laptops instead of one running Android? Well, of the two operating systems developed by Google, the latter has a richer app ecosystem.

The lack of hardware buttons made people look for Bluetooth keyboard that can be paired with their Android smartphones and tablets. The ones that attached to tablets even made these mobile devices look like a notebook, but HP must be thinking that even so, the experience wasn’t the same as when using a full-fledged laptop.

As its name suggests, SlateBook 14 sports a 14″ display. That’s paired with a full-sized HDMI socket, just in case you want to use this Android laptop in tandem with a projector or a bigger display. The headphone jack is useful when wanting some privacy, while the card reader comes handy when transferring photos made on vacation.

HP SlateBook 14 will be available for $430, quite a hefty price for a laptop running an operating system designed for smartphones, tablets and TV boxes. On top of that, the price is steep for that chip.

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