HTC Reportedly Wants to Work on a High-End Nexus Tablet

The Nexus family might go back to its roots if HTC gets to make the next Nexus tablet, even though rumors suggest that Asus will also be making one in 2014.

A Taiwanese report suggests that HTC might be making the next Nexus tablet, even though rumors have been flying around that the Nexus line would soon come to an end. On top of that, unnamed sources close to the Commercial Times revealed recently that HTC has won the rights to make the next high-end Nexus tablet, presumably a new Nexus 10. Google’s collaboration with HTC back in 2010 marked the launch of a new line of competitively priced smartphones and tablets with incredible specs, but unfortunately, Nexus One was a one-off, and the two companies never worked together ever since.

HTC isn’t particularly well-established as a tablet manufacturer, having made only two until now, the 7-inch Flyer (also known as HTC Evo View 4G) and the 10.1-inch Jetstream. The price might have deterred people, since the Flyer was $499 and the Jetstream had a $849 price tag. Still, this doesn’t mean that the company is not good at making such products, just that they haven’t been financially successful. Moreover, a lot of rumors and leaks from the past year suggested that HTC would make a comeback. Not to mention that Cher Wang, an HTC chairperson, claimed back in October that HTC is not shy about re-entering the tablet market: “When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive.”

A new Nexus tablet would mean a new source of revenue for HTC, who haven’t been having exactly the time of their lives, financially speaking. Before launching the One X, the Taiwanese company was very close to collapsing, and a partnership with Google could breathe new life into HTC. Nexus products are known to sell like hot cakes, regardless if they’re made by Samsung, Asus or LG, and I’m sure that an HTC Nexus 10 wouldn’t be an exception.

Both Google and HTC refused to comment on these rumors, but I think that a high-end Nexus tablet made by the Taiwanese company could make everyone happy, especially the consumers, who would get yet another stellar tablet at a great price. Should it ever become a reality, the HTC Nexus tablet would most probably be launched in the second half of the year, since doing otherwise would mean for Google to break its habits.

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