Huawei’s new gadgets from MWC 2015

The MWC 2015 in Barcelona has already started, and the Chinese company Huawei used the opportunity to show their latest creations. These include their first smartwatch, two smartbands, a phablet, and a mobile WiFi device for cars.

Huawei MWC 2015

Huawei brought many new gadgets to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is talking place now, and lasts until Thursday. Their new offerings include the Huawei Watch, their first smartwatch, the TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1 – two wearables – and the MediaPad X2 phablet along with CarFi, a mobile WiFi device for cars.

Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch 1

Huawei’s first smartphone ever works with Android Wear, Google’s special OS for wearables, and works by associating with a smartphone. Sporting a classic, refined design, it has a 1.4 MP AMOLED round screen on top which is capable of 400X400 pixels. From this watch, users will be able to send and receibe emails, text, apps, and phone call notifications, and will work with every Android 4.3 phone and onwards. Also, because it’s a smartwatch in the end, it will track your physical activity. You can get in three variations of gold, silver and black.

TalkBand B2 & TalkBand N1

Huawei Talkband 1

Huawei’s two new wearables are specialized fitness trackers that drop some of the smartwatch functionalities to focus on more stuff for the athletes and users who go all out on training. These bands focus a lot on the health aspect, but in the case of the B1, also music featuring two microphones and technology for noise reduction so users can enjoy their music but still notice if they are getting a phone call.

The N1, instead, is the industry’s first headset with both Hi-Fi stereo and bluetooth, with capacity for some 1.000 songs. Of course it will track your health and fitness too, but what differentiates these bands from the competition is what they add on top. Huawei’s answer is clear: music.

MediaPad X2


Huawei’s most powerful phablet yet is also the world’s thinnest one at 7.28mm wide with a metallic thin body that looks both elegant and ideal for offices. It combines phones, tablets, navigators, hotspot and digital camera in one giant 1200 x 1920 pixel HD screen, equipped with a battery that lasts 24 hours.It comes in two variations of grey and pink, both dual-sim and capable of 4G connectivity.

Huawei CarFi

Huawei CarFi 1

Huawei’s new device turns any car into a WiFi hotspot by transforming 4G into a much needed connection especially if you’re not driving. Users can download with speeds up to 150 Mbps, using some 10 gadgets at the same time. Also, it’s so small you can easily bring it from one car to the next. The CarFi is small and portable, and will turn off on its own if it doesn’t detect any WiFi capable devices. Furthermore, with the car on, it can even recharge your gadgets too.

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