Huawei says no to 4K in smartphones citing battery concerns

Although it’s already technically possible, it will be some time before we get to enjoy full 4K resolution in our smartphones. That is, if we want the battery to have a decent lifespan.


Huawei has talked in public about the future of high-definition displays on their latest models, and according to their president Kevin Ho, users will have to wait quite some time to be able to enjoy them. As they explained, although 4K technology and displays look beautiful and incredible battery life makes then inviable as of now – and the reduced battery life is a bigger trade-off than that which the company is willing to make.

In their own words, they explained:

“On the large screen 4k is very good but on a smaller smartphone display of five to six inches, maybe our eyes cannot tell the difference between this and 2k. 4k needs a lot of power, so if you use it you have to make compromises. A 4k display on a smartphone may give you half a day of battery life but a 2k display can give you maybe one day or more. 4k has four times the pixels of Full HD so the power consumption is maybe 4 or 8 times as much as Full HD so the smartphone has to have compromises with battery life.”

Basically, 4K displays are great for big screens but don’t make enough of a difference on a small screen such as a smartphone, at least not to the average consumer. The future might eventually bring better batteries, or more efficient displays, but as of now, it just seems we will have to wait some more. And frankly, this is one of those times we tend to agree: current displays don’t look bad at all.

Via FoneArena

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