Voice calls are coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps growing at a steady pace and adding new functionalities. In this context the latest update added the most requested feature yet: voice calls.

Whatsapp Voice Calls 1

The WhatsApp team are rolling out their latest update, which has possibly the most requested feature in the app’s history built in: voice calls, and the ability to do video calls, as if it was Skype or Lime. Some users that are already on the latest version started uploading images and videos to social media where the new contact list can be seen, along with the new features. WhatsApp president Jan Koum had confirmed that voice calls were coming in 2015, but no one expected it so early and so unceremoniously: it simply showed up there, and if you don’t have this latest update yet, you will soon.

From now on, whenever users are in a chat they’ll see a telephone icon (which in turn only shows up if the other user is also running the latest version of the app), and once users tap it video calls will be started. The minimum required version for this is 2.11.508, so if you are not there yet, just wait until the update rolls for you.

In the meantime, other media outlets have been reporting that users running the latest update hail mostly from India, which is a closed market, albeit a huge one, where WhatsApp might be beta testing or stress testing before launching worldwide. Yet, if you are in a hurry, there are already a few hacks in place that will allow you to update. If you are in this last group, head over to Google, and then tell us how much you liked it in the comments section.

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