Hugging Robot Makes Everything Better

If Narcissus were alive today, he would have liked to be born in Japan, rather than his original Greek homeland.

The pretty boy who fell in love with himself and died heartbroken after his reflection did not respond to him tactually, could have lived if he used this wonderful Sense-Roid, which is humanoid robot that allows you to hug yourself. Narcissus could have used Sense-Roid and simulated auto-erotic passionate hugs just the way the modern Japanese Narcissus does in the video. Sense-Roid is a mannequin torso, which comes with a pair of jackets that are enabled with micro switch sensors.

One of the jackets must be worn by the mannequin and the other must be worn by the person who wants to hug himself. When the wearer of the jacket hugs, strokes and feels up the mannequin, the mannequin sends signals to the jacket that the person is wearing, and he would feel the same tactual sensations that would make the wearer to hug, stroke and get even more passionate with the headless, limbless mannequin. Of course, Sense-Roid is designed to experience what it feels to ‘hug yourself’ and that is precisely why I had to bring Narcissus into picture.

However, the student at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan who created Sense-Roid should have created a full-bodied version with trousers for the wearer and the mannequin as well, so that people with narcissistic tendencies could have a companion of their own (pun intended) and feel themselves up too. It is not clear if this prototype would ever be manufactured commercially, but as we are talking about Japan, one may not be surprised if Sense-Roid becomes the next-big-thing in the island nation. You could also take a look at the Atari Joydick Controller, if you are a narcissist who is also a geek. Together with devices and gadgets like these, lonely people would never be (or feel) the same again.