Bookmark Dictionary Adds New Features To Old Fashioned Books

While there are those who will contend that paper based books are a thing of the past, others will say that they need the ability to use a bookmark or dog-ear a page in order to feel like they are really getting some reading done.

Certainly sitting down and opening your favorite book on the Nook touch is neat if you are blown away by all the the newest technology has to offer.  Should you be reading your favorite Harry Potter eBook and you run across a word you don’t know the meaning too, it is nice to be able to look it up without having to go and find the nearest dictionary.  Of course if you are one of those sticklers who needs to have the smell and feel of a book in order to really enjoy reading then now there is a device just for you.

The Bookmark Dictionary is a handy little device designed by Raghunath Dhayalan that works are much more than a portable dictionary and certainly much more than your average bookmark.  In fact had this little device come along about a decade sooner it might be considered one of the most popular must have items of its time.  Still, despite the popularity of eBook readers there is still a use for this pocket sized info-machine.  If the Bookmark Dictionary was simply a device that would allow you to input a word that you didn’t understand that would make it well worth having but it offers quite a bit more than that.

Once you remove the cover from the Bookmark Dictionary, its built in sensors go to work.  The sensors can capture the image of whatever page you have run it over and will then display them on a small touchscreen display.  If there is a word that you don’t understand on the page, simply touch the word to highlight and you will not only be able to get the Oxford dictionary explanation of the word, but the small devices built in speakers will pronounce the word for you.

Because the cover it is stored in is nice and heavy duty plastic you don’t have to worry about cracking the housing of the device and can truly use it as a bookmark when you are done reading for the day.  The Bookmark Dictionary is plenty light weight and portable, measuring just 110 mm long and just 10 mm thick.  As if that wasn’t enough, the rechargeable lithium battery powered device also includes a scientific calculator, just in case you might need it.