Hullabalu fuses apps, art, and clever story-telling for iPad

Getting age-appropriate material for children who are into technology can be challenging, and if you’re not really into your kid playing Flappy Bird all day, here comes Hullabalu, an absolute life saver.

Hullabalu Screenshot 1

It’s amazing how when we grew up, we played our home video game consoles, but now kids are all about their parents tablets and phones. Finding content that is not mindless, but engaging, and that sparks their imagination can be challenging, and there’s a void in the app market which Hullabalu is ready to fill.

Hullabalu was created by a New York based team, and provides an entirely new experience when it comes to storytelling for children. The app itself is more than just an interactive story book, and instead provides an engaging fantasy world where children and users make the story progress by engaging in different activities. The mastermind behind the project, Suzanne Xie, claims this is all a tribute to the things she and her team enjoyed as kids, and hopes to recreate the sense of wonder for a new generation.

Hullabalu is (as of now) an iPad exclusive which costs $3,99 USD, and introduces children to Pan, an adorable purple panda bear who will guide the users through the experience along with his gang of friends. The app is remarkably good looking, especially when you consider this is a start-up project, and the entire team consists of no more than 6 people whose synergy has created something truly special. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “educational” app following some kind of curricular cycle but an engrossing story with activities along the way meant to engage and stimulate the youngest users.

Here’s their latest trailer to illustrate what we’re saying.

Users interested in the app may want to check it out at the Apple Store and learn more about it.

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