Epic Metal Remix Tells The History Of Video Games

Watch as this performer takes you for a heavy metal ride through the history of video games.

Metal Video Games Video Image

I was an ace History student back in my high school days, but I know fully well how boring learning about old stuff can be for others. Stuff that’s already happened, sadly, just doesn’t have the strong razzel-dazzel that the unknowing future has built into its PR.

That’s why you to turn the power of rock – mighty force of the cosmos – to lend the ears of the Internet masses to your message, or in this case, a radical history lesson about the 40-plus years of video games. Yes, YouTube user FamilyJules7X conducted this fantastic 17-minute heavy metal performance that take viewers through an audio journey through the vast gaming landscape – where it started, and where it has been between then and now.

FamilyJules7X’s video features the metal-mixed versions of memorable video game tunes, like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Fallout 3. Impressively, all recorded by himself. Drums, guitar, and even the bass parts. FamilyJules7X poured his soul into each instrument, a creative process that took him eight days to accomplish – in the last week of his college finals no less.

Now that’s dedication… or a risky decision depending on his finals outcome. Either way, this video is flat-out amazing and should be given a listen to. You can even download an MP3 track of it, too. The link should appear right below in the About section of the YouTube page.

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