Steaming Cup of Humid Air

Water is precious and every drop ought to be used, doesn’t matter even if it is a very minor one. It was, probably with this thought in mind that Young-Suk Kim designed the Steam Mug.

Water utilization and dry air are two very different aspects of life and yet this Korean designer has succeeded in bringing the two together on one platform. Moreover, both these are interconnected in this Steam Mug. Not only will you be using every last drop of water but will also succeed in humidifying the air around you.


When you consume water in a mug you, most often, do not go to the last drop and this last drop ends up in the drain. Drop by drop there is a substantive amount of water going waste. Young-Suk devised a better way of dealing with this water and what resulted was the Steam Mug. The product in whole consists of a mug and a saucer. The inner side of the mug is marked with various levels and depending on the level of water the steam emitting duration is marked. The moment the mug is placed on the saucer the mug gets into action. You can see the humidifier in action with the steam emitting from the little outlet on the cup handle. Setting up the object is fairly simple. Like many of the devices produced nowadays, this one too draws energy from a USB connection.


Access to a USB connection is quite easy as computers and laptops are used widely in every field, most of the times within confined AC rooms. This often results in dry air and dry air has its own set of ill effects on the body. It leaves your nasal tract dry making it susceptible to cold and coughs; brings about a feeling of tiredness and lethargy; dries up the skin and hair making them rough and flaky. Besides this dry air also causes damage to the objects placed in the room, for example wooden furniture lose its moisture and tend to develop cracks.


By designing the Steam Mug Young-Suk has managed to tackle two problems in one shot. Not only is every drop of precious water made use of here but the problem of dry air within rooms is also solved.  The product can also boast of having a very sleek and designer look. There are two color variants revealed – a cool white and blue set and a striking yellowish-green and black.


This eco-friendly object is a small step towards caring for the environment which comes packed in a very cute form.

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