8 Striking Manifestations of Star Wars Characters in Abstract Art

Star Wars is a franchise so ripe for fan art, it’s almost ridiculous. With so many characters, vehicles, and pieces of technology, there’s just so much to work with in interesting ways. We’ve seen tons of weird yet awesome stuff here on Walyou, such as the Che Bacca Bust and this Boba Fett Chicken Costume. When we discovered these abstract pieces of art by Tommervik, it was clear that they may not be as weird as those examples, but by simply being abstract art they’re a bit out there.

Abstract Star Wars Art

Despite being abstract, it should be easy to identify these four examples of amazing artwork. In the top left, we have an AT-AT with its legs bent in all sorts of positions that might be painful if it weren’t a machine. Moving counter-clockwise, we have two Stormtroopers, although judging by the helmet design they might be Scout Troopers.

As you can see, it’s difficult to discern details in this cubist-inspired work. To the right are Darth Vader and Princess Leia…dancing? Hey, why not! However, the top-right example is my favorite of the bunch, incorporating key pieces of Darth Vader’s design such as his helmet and the various buttons on his suit. Sure, he looks as if he’s crammed into a box, but the intriguingly bizarre piece works really well and I can’t imagine many Star Wars fans who wouldn’t want it on their wall.

Abstract Star Wars Art 2

The next set of images are just as awesome, starting off with R2-D2, a droid that I can’t imagine anyone dislikes. He may look as disassembled as C-3PO does in The Empire Strikes Back, but the cute little astromech droid is quite identifiable. Below is a mass of Millennium Falcons, which isn’t quite as fun since it makes the ship feel less unique. The bizarre spiraling Jabba the Hutt is to the right of that, the curling art giving him sort of a Cheshire Cat allure, at least in my mind. It’s art, though, so maybe you see something much different like a cinnamon roll. Who ever though the sight of Jabba the Hutt could make someone hungry?

Last, but certainly not least, is a singular image of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s heavily modified freighter which is really just as much a main character as Luke or Leia. Unlike the other image, this one has the ship all by itself, a bit deformed as you’d expect, but still featuring plenty of details which make it instantly recognizable. Overall, they’re magnificent depictions of characters and vehicles from the classic series of movies, and it will be interesting to see how many more he churns out in the future to the delight of Star Wars fans and abstract art geeks.