Apple Confirms Plans To Build Grand Central Apple Store

Apple’s retail expansion has reached all across the globe including elegant stores in various countries. Apple’s newest retail outlet may be its biggest – this time its Grand Central.

The Lease Has Been Signed

Apple has been eyeing Grand Central as a retail spot for some time. Today the NYpost Reported a 10-year, 8 million dollar lease was signed by the Cupertino based company. The location for Apple’s latest retail expansion will be the terminal’s north and northeast balconies.

Apple’s Grand Central store would be the sixth in New York city and quite unique as retail stores typically aren’t found in train stations. But for Apple, it make sense – most of its products such as iPods and laptops can be carried easily on to a train. Whether it’s safe to do so remains to be seen but from a buying standpoint, carrying a new MacBook Pro shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience.

The store would be about 23,000 square feet and 3,000 square feet larger than its biggest store. To put the Grand Central store in perspective, it would be able to hold about 3 to 7 regularly sized Apple stores.

However, Apple nearly abandoned plans for a Grand Central station location a few months ago. Apple cited the long approval process which would have hindered a speedy store construction and the layout or purpose of the story could have changed during the process.