Hyperfair’s Fully-immersive 3D Exposition Hall Cuts Costs

The cloud has not only enabled you to store your data or indulge in some high tech computing that goes beyond most of us, but it also allows developers to create technologies that simplify our lives while reducing the costs to a great extent.

Most large companies spend a hell lot of money in organizing huge events, especially expositions. San Francisco-based Hyperfair announced its fully immersive 3D exposition hall which allows event organizers to focus on large-scale businesses. Max Bonfanti, the company’s CTO and co-founder revealed that most of their competitors depend on 2D technology where as Hyperfair makes use of 3D in order to simulate a virtual exposition or grand marketplace with stalls.

They tested initially with 50,000 avatars and it turned out that the technology was pretty efficient and usable. What Hyperfair basically does is that it helps companies to take part in business expositions or actually have them organized without running astronomical expenditures. Parallels have been drawn with Second Life but Hyper Fair is optimized to build 3D virtual tradeshows which may otherwise not be possible unless you spend a lot of money. Moreover, participating individuals do not require any gadgets that need to be bought specifically for this purpose.

All that one has to do is login to the exhibition and use an avatar to move around the exhibition hall, and interact just as one would have interacted in an exhibition. Business cards can be exchanged, products can be evaluated and enquiries can be made, one could browse through various stalls and even chat with strangers that may walk beside you, on the 3D screen. Hyperfair was recently interviewed by Robert Scoble, and has uploaded a video which is a revelation of sorts if you plan to save money by not organizing huge events. What is most surprising is that Hyperfair relies on the Cloud for all its unique and amazing features.