Thrutu Makes Multi-tasking While On a Call Real Easy

A Smartphone today can do a hell lot of things. It lets you play music, take pictures, take videos, share them online, browse internet seamlessly and the possibilities are endless.

However, a Smartphone isn’t smart when it comes to doing all these things when you are actually on a phone call. It might not have occurred to even iPhone developers that much of what a phone can do can’t be integrated into the actual ‘phone call’ bit. Thrutu allows you to multitask while you are on a call. You would be easily able to share contact details, share photos, location and just about anything with the help of a tap or two. Sharing location can become so much easier when you are on a call than hollering out addresses and landmarks. All that you would need to do is tap your Thrutu.

Thrutu however has a few disadvantages as well, and that includes not being able to use it when you are out camping or on the subway. It requires 3G or Wi-Fi connection as it sends a lot of data while you use it to multitask during a phone call. It could be used both as a personal and a business app if the person who is using it is media savvy enough. Otherwise, it might seem like another app that gives more ‘work to do’ than something useful. Thrutu is available for your Android and iOS devices. Robert Scoble shared a video in which the guys from Thrutu show you how exactly the app can be used.

If I were to use the app, I would definitely use it to share my location with strangers that I like to hook-up with. If the blind date does not know what I look like and what I am wearing, all that I would need to do is take a picture, tap a button and send a photo to my blind date immediately. In fact, no date would be a blind date, with Thrutu. No one needs to ask pesky and vulgar questions like ‘What are you wearing?’ or ‘What do you look like?’ before hooking up on the street. I had written about OKCupid, which lets you to meet strangers for dates, while on the go and works just like Grindr. Thrutu would help in such cases. This is just one of the many possibilities. What other possibilities can you think of?