IBM Releases Timeline of Mathematics iPad App

IBM has released an iPad app, showing an interactive timeline of 1,000 years of mathematics, in order to get more students to study math, engineering, and science, the Daily Mail reports.

The app, called “Minds of Matehmatics,” is based on an exhibit husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames, who comprised the Eames Office did for IBM for the 1964 World’s Fair called “Mathematica: A World of Numbers… and Beyond.” (The Eames Office also made the famous scientific short film “Powers Of Ten,” by the way.)

IBM math app

The app includes more than 500 biographies, milestones, and other pieces from the exhibit, as well as the “IBM Mathematics Peep Show,” which features short films explaining mathematical concepts.

“Careers of the future will rely heavily on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration – all themes that were core to the Minds of Modern Mathematics movement and remain equally relevant today,” Chid Apte, IBM Director of Analytics Research and Mathematical Sciences told the Daily Mail.

For the true geeks out there, you might be interested in a way to find Waldo with code-fu skills, while mathematically inclined fans of superheroes will enjoy superhero mathematics.