Capcom Captivate 2012 Game Trailers Round-Up

Dig into a meaty video feast of tasty new trailers for upcoming Capcom games.

Resident Evil 6 Captivate 2012 Image 1

Capcom’s annual press powwow, Capcom Captivate 2012, happened last week, from April 2 to the 4, in beautiful Rome, Italy. Don’t get too upset that you didn’t get an invite though, because you wouldn’t have been able to share all the awesomeness you saw for a whole week due to a press embargo. Personally, the wait would have driven me insane, so I’m glad my invitation got lost in the mail (in my dreams at least.)

Today though, the press embargo on Captivate 2012 has thankfully lifted and now an ample load of new media has broken free from its legalese oppressors. The round-up of game trailers we’ve gathered here are all from upcoming Capcom games (duh), and feature the likes of Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, and so much deliciously more.

First up a new trailer for Resident Evil 6, which is scheduled for release October 02, 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Buckle tight for this one folks, because the crazy global infected takeover stakes reaches a new incredible high. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s kinda impossible with how high stakes Resident Evil already is, but just watch and be amazed.

Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer

I am totally hyped!

Moving on to Devil May Cry, or DmC as the cool kids say, Capcom surprised us with three new videos from British developer Ninja Theory’s fresh take on the popular hack-n-slash series (still no release date though.) The first is your standard “get excite” featurette, chock full of kick-ass action antics and a semi-nude Dante… Okay that last part might not be so standard, but it’s funny and cool once you see it!

Devil May Cry Captivate Trailer

Now that’s a carnival I’d drive hundred of miles just to see.

Actual game play wise though, check out these two trailers from Captivate that give a sample of Dante’s new combat set and the platforming obstacles each Devil May Cry level should offer.

Devil May Cry Captivate “Combat” & “Traversal” Trailers

Holy “Who Knew There Would Be A Sequel” Batman?! The Lost Planet series is coming back for a third entry (releasing 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC), but it’s not Capcom internal who’s footing the development bill. Those duties go to Spark Unlimited, the team behind the craptastic Legendary: The Box. Yikes! Here’s hoping this pretty cool trailer isn’t the only quality thing to come from such a venture.

Lost Planet 3 Captivate Trailer

Touch controls, PS3/Vita crossplay, and twelve new fighters; that’s what the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken has in store for potential owners in the Fall. Yup, just before Capcom announces another updated title. Haha! I kid, I kid. I’m sure that won’t happen. Again. Or again. Or again. *Sigh*

Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Captivate Trailers

If you’re coming late to the Dragon’s Dogma party, a fantasy-based open world action role-playing game arriving next month, all you need to know is that some of Capcom’s top men (I said, TOP MEN!) are behind its creation. Particularly the two fellows at the director and producer seats, who had a little hand in a game called Resident Evil 4. Perhaps you heard of it?

Not good enough of an incentive? Well, how about early access to Resident Evil 6? Yup, those who pick up Dragon’s Dogma on May 22 will get a first crack at the RE6 beta in July. At least for the Xbox 360 version of the game; sorry PS3 owners, not until September. Boo-urns, indeed. But these trailers are still pretty!

Dragon’s Dogma Captivate “Phantom Ogre” & “Undead” Trailers

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