Ice Spheres to Make Your Drinks More Awesome

Ice is critical for many drinks, particularly alcoholic ones. Of course, presentation is also a key element of mixed drinks, whether it be layering, garnishes, choice of glass, or a variety of other things. Ice is often overlooked when it comes to presentation, until now. Recently, we’ve seen many creative ice molds ranging from Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cubes to LEGO Ice Bricks to Ice Tetris Blocks. These are all formed with the typical ice cube trays you fill and then place into the freezer, but this ice ball maker turns it into serious business.

Ice Ball Sphere Mold

Ice Ball Mold Iceball Sphere Maker

Ice Ball Sphere Mold Design

This mold ignores the common choices of plastic and silicone, opting for aluminum and stainless steel. Just looking at the thing, you can see that it means business. While this ice sphere creator makes 80mm spheres, there are similar models that create smaller versions. The mold is heated in hot water, and a block of ice is placed above the lower mold. The upper mold is then set on top. With pressure, much of the ice melts away, leaving only that within the sphere-shaped mold. When lifted and released, the ice sphere is ready to be placed into a glass and provide a very unique look to whatever drink you’re serving.

As pretty as the spheres are, it’s the other designs that I find most interesting. As you can see in the video, there’s a fun variety, with diamond-like jewels being one of the designs. Furthermore, likely a great idea for sports bars, there are also molds that churn out beautiful soccer balls and (my favorite) baseballs. The only downside is that these ice “cubes” don’t come cheap. This 80mm sphere creator will set you back $1,671 whereas the baseball maker costs a whopping $2,949. If you own a food service business and want to invest in something like this, it could be a smart idea, but it might be a bit too hardcore for personal use. Check out these 12 Geeky Ice Cube Trays if you want something more accessible.