iRobot Surveillance Bot

If you’re the type of person that’s into spy work and robots, then the 110 FirstLook surveillance bot will surly grip your interest.  The 110 FirstLook, developed by iRobot, is designed for scouting and surveillance. Stretching only 10 inches long, nine inches wide, and four inches high, this little surveillance bot can slip in and out of areas nearly undetected.

Although small, this little guy is extremely durable.  It can survive a 15 foot drop onto a solid surface, such as concrete, and can even be completely submerged under water.  The reason for such durability is that it is designed to be thrown.  Yes, you can throw the little bot into areas you wouldn’t dare enter.  It is able to climb curbs, stairs, or most obstacles with little rotating flippers.

It has four cameras that allow for the operator to see in all directions at once.  If it gets dark, it can us its IR illuminators to gain ultimate night vision.  The FirstLook also features what’s called digital mesh networking.  This allows the little bot to communicate over great distances.

What might be as cool as the robot is the control unit.  iRobot has developed a wrist-mounted touch screen that can control the robot.  The main uses for FirstLook seem to be in the military.  Since the military are all about guns and blowing stuff up it would only make sense the FirstLook be equipped with some payload.  iRobot does not disappoint.  FirstLook has expansions that allows some awesome things such as different cameras, thermal imagers, sensors, and yes, destructive payloads that can weigh up to half a pound.