Ice Tray with Pi Shaped Ice Cubes


There are times when you need to get out of your geek mode and invite friends home for a party and that is when you could try the Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays. We all know how boring it is to shake out drinks with the same old boring ice cubes and there are many strangely shaped ice cube trays which could be used in place of the traditional cubes at parties.

However, if you are a geek and would like to show your guests something about your geekish streak, you could serve them drinks with ice cubes that look like the Greek symbol Pi. Pi, as we all know is a mathematical symbol that gave us huge problems in school and your guests would be awe struck when they see the Pi shaped cubes in their drinks. You could use the moment to reveal how good you are at math and impress all the chicks.

If you would like to do something else with these ice trays, you still could. The Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays could be used to cast meat loaves and even cakes in the shape of the most popular number. These trays can get you 12 Pi shaped ice cubes at a time and hence I would advice you to buy not just one, but many ice cubes if you have a number of drunkards on your guest list. The Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays cost $8.99 each at You could also try the Space Invaders Ice Box and the Tetris Blocks Ice Tray for variety.