World Of Warcraft Steins


If you were wondering what Blizzard is up to these days, they are busy making some kitschy World of Warcraft steins official. These steins come ornately designed in two cool models, the Horde and the Alliance, and look more ancient than futuristic to me. The beer mugs look almost like antiques that have been given a touch of gaming personality and I must say it looks rather cool.

You could use these mugs in your next gaming party where I suggest only those who are in to gaming are invited. If you do invite one of those crazy guys who have a thing against video games and technology, they just might not understand what these mugs are all about and may spill beer all over your couch while trying hard not to laugh and guffaw. On second thoughts, you could use these ornate pieces of glass or mugs to hold pens and stationary when not in use.

There is no information about its price but being official, it must be a little expensive. Apparently, these are not even called steins, but are called krugs. Well, go figure!  We have also featured other World of Warcraft related merchandise that might appeal to you. Do check out the World of Warcraft Keyboard and the SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse.

Via: BoingBoing