An Icon Notebook for 8-Bit Thoughts

This 8-bit icon notebook is perfect for jotting down your 8-bit thoughts.

The desktop icon for documents is one that is instantly recognizable by just about anyone who has used a computer. Whenever you create a text file, you’re greeted by the familiar image of a page with one of its corners bent, and that’s precisely the icon used to make this fun notebook.  Of course, nowadays our icons are attractively anti-aliased, but the 8-bit look has a definite charm to it, and that’s reflected in the pixelated look of the icon notebook.

icon notebook 1

It’s a neat-looking notebook, as the front page looks bent just like the document icon – except, instead of actually being bent, the notebook simply has one of its corners cut off diagonally. Writing in this notebook might feel a bit weird though, as the pages are all missing a corner. If the pages were printed to mimic the front of the notebook, it would look perfectly fine. However, the pages are actually blank.

icon notebook 2

On the bright side, blank pages – 80 of them, actually – mean that the notebook is perfect for capturing doodles of 8-bit video game characters. It would also be fun to do realistic sketches and studies in this notebook – maybe even schoolwork – as the cover would definitely not hint at the contents inside. The white cover looks quite inviting too, as if it’s meant to be covered in doodles and sketches.

icon notebook 4

I like the attention to detail in this product, like how the back of the notebook looks like the back of the bent-over page. It’s a convenient way to distinguish the front and back of the book, and it adds just that much more accuracy to the look of the thing.

icon notebook 5

If you’re looking for something to complement the icon notebook, there’s a matching icon set with 8-bit letters and envelopes. The hand icon coasters also follow a similar 8-bit theme with even more practical uses, while this 8-bit inspired wristwatch might turn you into a hot fashion icon.

Via: Brigada Creativa