Angry Birds Kids

Angry Birds continues to gain popularity and releases updates, new fan artworks are being created and various toys have already surfaced, but this amazing Angry Birds depiction created with kids is probably the cutest and most creative.

angry birds children real

Photographer Jason Lee was really taken up with the popularity of Angry Birds and thought his girls would really love the Angry Birds beanies. Once those have taken their place, he couldn’t help but realize the great possibility of a realistic depiction of the Angry Birds level. The result is absolutely awesome!

Now before you call the authorities about child endangerment or so, have a look at the image below (seen at MyModernNet) and you could rest assured that Jason has definitely played it safe with his children and just wanted to create a fun and ‘realistic’ Angry Birds game image. The result is just amazing and grants Jason the fun and creative Father of the Year nomination. Does he deserve the win?

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angry birds children game