iConsole Micro Android 5 TV stick shown at MWC

All things said and done, between MWC and GDC we have gotten quite a few gaming related news as of late, the iConsole amongst them.


TV sticks are a great solution for those without a smart TV to be able to access these functionalities, and a new pocket sized device running Android 5.0 might be just what they need if they want gaming as the center of the experience, thanks to its 64-bit Intel quad-core Atom processor. This is the iConsole micro, an Android TV console with some 32GB of storage,Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n wireless connectivity – plus, the storage can be expanded via the use of SD cards. This stick has an HDMI connector that llos it to be plugged straight into the TV for easy setup, and easier use.

The iConsole (tricky name, as it’s running Android after all) was unveiled during Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) in Barcelona and will launch this summer at some $129 USD – for what it’s worth, though, this device connects to the Amazon App Store and not the Google Play Store, so depending on where you buy your apps, this might be an important factor on whether you purchase it or not.

Via Lilliputing

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