iDoorCam: Answer the Door Even When You’re Not Home

Think of it as an intercom that you can answer even when you are hundreds of miles away from home. Perfect for keeping families with kids safe, or for any other responsible homeowner who wants to feel secured at all times.


The iDoorCam is equipped with a buzzer, a small webcam, a motion sensor, speaker, and LED lights for both day time and night time vision. Whenever a guest rings the bell, the iDoorCam immediately connects to the home’s WiFi, then sends a call to the owner’s mobile or tablet. The owner can then speak to the guest via speaker phone. Via video feed, he or she can also see who is at the door without having to peek through the window or even approach the front door.

The developers of the iDoorCam, Andrew Thomas and Desiree Mejia, said they were always away from home. They both wanted a smart solution that helps homeowners feel safe whenever and wherever they are. Currently, the project is gathering more supporters to help fund its production. Pretty soon, we might be able to have the first iDoorCams to be commercially available in Southern California.

The iDoorCam retails for about $160, and the app is free to download for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Among the features that make the device a good buy is that it’s easy to install, and that it is weatherproof enough to withstand various outdoor conditions.

Besides helping homeowners answer their doors wirelessly, the iDoorCam app has other useful features, such as a “Do Not Disturb” mode, or a silent mode for when the baby is sleeping soundly. Perhaps next time they can come up with a doorbell that automatically repels unwanted guests from even approaching the vicinity of the house. But that’s for another story.

If you want to keep your home safe especially when you are away, you can also check out the intelligent E-Key or these pocket-sized home surveillance cameras.

Via Daily Mail