Kisai Blade Mixes Aviation and Automotive Themes

Many Tokyoflash timepieces are challengeable to read, but the propeller-resembling Kisai Blade makes this a bit easier, by being more intuitive.

Kisai Blade’s lens looks much like a turbine used in the construction of cars or airplanes. Under this original face, digital tube LEDs rotate in order to tell the time in a unique manner. While it might look simple, this wrist watch can display the time in two different ways, as well as the date, using the very same LED tubes. On top of that, Kisai Blade doubles as an alarm clock. The fact that its battery charges via USB makes it very convenient, as wearers don’t have to worry about forgetting a proprietary charging cable at home when traveling. A full charge shouldn’t last more than 3.5 hours, and should provide enough power for a whole month.

This timepiece features only two buttons, the upper one being used for the time. To display the time in turning mode, wearers have to select it from the settings. Upon doing so, the LED tubes will rotate, thus highlighting the three blades that correspond to the current hour and minutes. It takes a few seconds to read the time this way, but the impressive design of the Kisai Blade compensates for that.

The second way to display the time, called Flashing Mode features a solid hours hand, a flashing one for groups of 5 minutes and up to 4 dots near the 12 o’clock mark for displaying 1-4 minutes. I must admit that this mode takes far less time to read than the previous one.

The Kisai Blade wristwatch looks quite elegant, provided that people choose a good color combination. I think the golden one with a metallic strap looks a bit tacky, but it’s all a matter of taste. When buying a Kisai Blade, people first have to choose between a stainless steel and a leather strap. Next, they have to pick the LED color they like the most, the available options being green, blue and red.

At press time, there were 14 hours left for getting the Kisai Blade at the launch price of $139. Liking the product’s page on Facebook would get people an instant $4 discount. When this time expires, though, people will have to pay $159 for Tokyoflash’s latest creation.

Watch the following video to get a better idea of how Kisai Blade looks and works:

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