If Star Wars Characters Were Fashion Models

Taking Star Wars characters and outfit designs and turning them into something of a runway show for fashion models isn’t the most obvious of ideas, but that’s when fan art truly fulfill its purpose. if star wars characters were fashion models

The easiest of transformations comes with Rey, who is played by the stunning Daisy Ridley, so no points for creativity there. But to think of Chewbacca turned into a coat of fur is both ambitious and cruel, and turning droids into Heroic chic like models deserve a few more credits too.

My favorite of the bunch is turning BB-8 into a fully functional dress, although Yoda actually being anything other than a short, old Jedi Master is always interesting to look at. Last thought: I wonder if the Boba Fett model has a Sarlaac waiting for her at the end of the runway. Check out this awesome Star Wars Couture Collection, which was created by the very talented by  Guillermo Meraz.

If Star Wars Characters Were Fashion Models

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