The Innovative Concepts and Futuristic Designs of Igor Chak

We’ve all seen some of the beautifully designed cars out there. The Lamborghini Murcielago, the Ferrari Spider, of those gorgeous muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. However, there’s a lot of conceptual work the general public is never sold or gets to see on the streets. Welcome to the work of Igor Chak.

izh 1

Innovative and futuristic, the concepts of Igor Chak dazzle the eyes. Take the Donkey Kong wall, for example. This imaginative wall display is the perfect match for any crazed fan of one of the original Nintendo classics. Made of carbon fiber and held up by steel rods, they are meant to imitate the eccentric steel beams from the Donkey Kong games. What’s great about them is the pink ‘pixelated’ lines running between either plank of each segment; they make it look just like an old Super Nintendo video game!

igor chak 2

Check out the watches he’s been designing, too. Sleek and lustrous, they’d certainly turn some heads. With an electronic screen that displays the time on a dial instead of in numbers, Version 1 of the watch is unique in that it shares elements of the technology from the past and from the present. Version 2 is even more interesting. Boasting a display of two times zones simultaneously in the same ‘future/present’ manner, you’ll have hard luck finding anything else like it!

igor chak 3

By far the coolest thing Igor Chak has designed is the Izh Hybrid Concept. Not yet built in real life, the Izh is so new-looking that it even bears similarities to some of the flying vehicles from Star Wars! A great mixture of sharp edges and smooth surfaces, this concept combines the muscular features of big choppers and the more grace of moderns motorcycles.

motorcycle 2

If you liked the concepts of Igor Chak, you should also check out the Dinosaur Skeleton Motorcycle and the Donkey Kong Castset!

Via: The Igor Chak webpage