iPad Joystick Control: The Fling Game Controller [CES 2010]

One of the more lackluster things we saw at the CES 2011 this year (but no less awesome) is the Fling Game Controller from Ten One Design. The bare-bones device is actually just a well-designed piece of resin sporting two suction cups to hold it in place and an analog joystick for your thumb.

Fling Game Controller for iPad

To use it, all you have to do is take it out of the nifty micro-fiber carrying case, place it on top of any iPad game where a virtual joystick or up-down-left-right control is, and you’re ready to play. The clear material seems to keep your view fairly uninhibited when in use. Take a look at Ten One Design’s baller demonstration of it below:

From the looks of it, the joystick could save a lot of discomfort and ambiguity regarding the placement of your thumb when playing these games raw. Also, the thumbstick is made of a material that will react with the iPad’s capacitive touchscreen the same as your skin would, and likely more durable than this joystick concept. The point touching the screen is also smaller than your fat thumb, so it should make for increased accuracy. While this is only useful to those handful of iPad applications with thumb game controls, we can sure bet this will incentivize others to include them in the future.

Fling Game Controller with Meteorblitz

Ten One Design recommends you try out these three games: Across Age, Meteor Blitz, and Super Megaworm.

The Fling Game Controller’s thumbstick comes in three different colors: Ice (baby blue), Ultraviolot (purple) and my all time favorite, Ninja (black). You can pre-order the device right now, and they should start shipping January 28 for $24.95 a piece or a two-pack for $38.

Via: CrunchGear and Ten One Design